Science of Cannabis

In this episode Gil and the Weedmaps TV team attend the 1st Annual Realm of Caring Fundraiser, in Los Angeles, CA to speak with Dr. Bonni Goldstein, on the science of cannabis and parents of children who are finding help through the use of CBD medicine.

Realm of Caring:



You Can Invest in Marijuana Legally on the Stock Market

A few decades ago, research into the medical benefits of marijuana was common, and was funded by both private and public grants. Almost every major university had some program underway for studying the subject. But as government began a more aggressive approach to regulating or prohibiting drug use, marijuana research fell by the wayside. Many of the same studies became illegal, and those found to be doing such research faced harsh penalties, including extensive jail time.

But during recent years, scientists and medical doctors, as well as their own patients and groups dedicated to legalizing marijuana for medical use, have made headway, and now marijuana use is officially sanctioned in many jurisdictions. In places like California, for example, it is possible to obtain prescriptions to use it for medical purposes. Many who use this medicinal pot claim that it works well for treatment of chronic pain, treatment of glaucoma, and other maladies. Because of the increase in popularity of marijuana as a medical drug, many companies are hoping to profit from this drug, by growing, distributing, or otherwise providing marijuana to consumers who need it as a prescription medication.

The global healthcare company Bayer, known mostly for its household name aspirin products, for example, recently signed licensing agreements with a small biotech company in the United Kingdom that specializes in efficient deliver of the active ingredient in marijuana. By providing this active chemical component in an aerosol spray, the company hopes to attract those users who are concerned about the bad health effects of smoking pot. Other mega corporations are experimenting with ways to provide medical marijuana on a large scale. If the drug ever becomes legal, they want to be ready to capitalize on the new market and get the jump on their potential competition.

By buying stock in companies that are positioned to benefit from the future of medical marijuana, you can get in on the ground floor of any potential breakthrough in this biotech and healthcare sector. But because the drugs are not yet profitable, at least to those selling them legally, many investors who put money into backing companies that are primarily in the marijuana business may not see earnings for many years, if ever.

A safer bet is to buy into companies that are already profitable by selling prescription medicines. If marijuana research convinces legislators to allow it to be sold like ordinary medicine, these companies will surely get a piece of the action. They may get their market share of the business by packaging and distributing it, by coming up with new medicines based on it or by growing the raw product and converting it into usable prescription medicine. But in the meantime, if you have invested in these companies in order to take advantage of the profits that might come from marijuana, you don’t have to simply sit and wait for the future. By investing in solid, profitable companies, you will benefit immediately. And if the future is bright for medical pot, you’ll be positioned to take full advantage of the new and revolutionary products.

Loss of Rights in the United States

Hello to all,

My name is Michael Adam Assenberg,

I used to be a Security guard back in 1985 and was making my rounds when I had found some people by the TNT Shack. I went to see what was up and they started to go to the back of the complex.

I chased them down to the end of the road and they tried to drive over a Train Bridge. They stalled halfway and so I walked up to them with my night-stick in one hand and my Mace in the other.

As I was talking to them a third person came up from behind and hit me in the middle of my back with a baseball bat. I had NO feeling from my waist down for six months and it took seven years to walk again.

Now after 20 plus years the Doctors have tried pain patches, pain mixtures in every combo they can think of. I am even on 500 MG of Morphine a day and 60MG of Endocet a day.

With these HEAVY Drugs I still go into over 10 Pain Convulsions a day that look like a Grand Mal Seizure. Now in the State of Washington the MEDICAL USE of Marijuana is allowed under a Doctors care.

My case fell into that. My Doctor and I found that with the Medical use of Marijuana I did not go through 10 or more seizures a day. I went through 1 or 2 a week!

Now the Anacortes Housing Authority did not like the fact that my Doctor placed me on the Medical Use and made up their mind to kick us out.

I filed in State Court and the AHA took it out of State Court and Placed it in Federal Court to hide behind the Angel Raich ruling.

When a Appeal was filed in Federal Court the AHA took the TEMP Ruling from Federal Court back into State Court to toss us out. Judge Myers in Mount Vernon, WA stated in OPEN Court that HE DID NOT CARE What the people voted for. He was NOT going to Honor I-692 and allow us to keep our home under RAP 8.1 until the FINAL Ruling was made BY-PASSING my right to a Jury Trial!

Please view the c-7 link to see how bad my spine is you see at C-7 my spine is blocking Spine fluid and crushing into nerves.

Also Please visit the Other link to view my web page complete with Lawyer Docs and Last but not least please visit the link at the end to support the on-going fight with the Federal Government and for all of our rights. You can call me anytime,

You may also hear me on Internet Radio the 12th of June at 7pm MDT at:

OR visit me when I go on state at the Spokane, WA hemp Fest on the FIRST week of Aug. OR Visit me at the Olympia, WA Hemp Fest the Last week of the SAME Month.

Mike Assenberg

Medical Marijuana

The Loss of LIFE and being FORCED to suffer is now Standard acts of LAW at the hands of what was “OUR” Government.

Please help protect YOUR rights!

WE the American people are being hit HARD by our Federal System.

A woman by the Name of Angel Raich just lost her case in the Ninth District Court for the right to use Medical Marijuana as all else has failed her. Now in the United States the Judges care more about hanging on to their jobs more than what is right by the people.

As in my case I used to be a Security Guard and was attacked on the Job when I tried to stop the theft of TNT. It was later found that it was going to be used at a School in Calif, or at a Business. Now After 20 some years Doctors have tried everything for me that they can. Even up to giving me 500MG of Morphine a day and 60MG of Endocet. I was still going through 12 or more convulsions a day then blacking out from all the pain. On my Website you can see that at C-7 fluid from my Spine is being blocked and crushing into my cord. My case is at last starting to be heard in the Federal Court of Appeals. Now is the time for us all to stand up for what is right. Why are we going across the world killing others to protect rights when here in the United States the Federal Government takes Land and the Rights of people away at whim no matter what WE vote for. Now I am getting known World Wide and will help you in return for spreading the word about what the United States Federal Government doing to people.

Susun Weed on Cannabis

With a name like Susun Weed you might assume that she is some big cannabis connoisseur, activist, or pot smoker, but no, that’s not who she is at all.

Susun Weed Cannabis World Summit

Susun is actually an incredibly Wise Woman knowledgeable about herbs, not just “the herb”. She is probably the most famous herbalist around today, and Googling for even a minute or two about herbs will likely result in you stumbling across one of her websites, or others referencing her. Many herbalists today have learned from Susun (via her books or online), including Bobby (founder of the Cannabis World Summit), and she is certainly worthy of our respect & admiration. We invited Susun to introduce the world of herbs to those of you who use “the herb” for medicinal purposes.

The world is full of powerful medicinal herbs, and chances are that the ailments you are dealing with may be helped by appropriate use of natures’ pharmacy. Towards the end of the interview she touches upon some herbs that may be of benefit to many of you to nurture & support your health, though it would be well worth your efforts to study herbs in far greater depth to learn how to help yourself with your specific needs. Susun’s websites and books are good places to start with that journey. Susun also shares some thoughts about how to use cannabis medicinally, and I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by some of her answers (not what I expected at all).

They also asked Susun to share some spiritual insights regarding working with Cannabis, and she indulged us with a wealth of inspiring thoughts. Ironically, the entire interview went completely backwards from what was intended, as though we were working through the prepared list of questions backwards, and somehow it just worked out better that way. The main topic intended to be discussed, introducing other healing herbs, is towards the end of the call. The call was perfect for what it was, and simply put this interview is rich with Wisdom to be appreciated in several ways. Hopefully, after listening to this call, you will come to appreciate all herbs, including cannabis, with a deeper respect, and perhaps you’ll devote some of your time broadening your understanding of how to work with our green allies for better health.